04 March 2010

Please Dont Leave Me (PDLM)

don't leave me,
you are my only,
i can't find another you,
i like a plant,
you are my sunshine,
you are my drink,
i need you all the time,
i stayed with my promise,
but you the one who broke it,
why you must leave me?
it's hurting me off!

don't leave me,
there's already a kingdom,
where they wait for a queen,
where the king is me,
where love be the law,
and there's a ring,
made of pearl,
from the deepest ocean,
fit for you.

don't leave me,
i love you so much,
i will stay silent now,
make sure you happy,
with your own world,
where the love is dead,
where there is no me in it,
make sure you happy,
Don't leave me

it came when i on exam,so i write it down,the original is longer,main idea from song 'ne me quitte pas',this is what i remember,i don't know where it come from.

the point is:
I love you baby,
don't leave me. :(